Tholos Gateway - Tholos Gateway II [vinyl clear 180g limited + downloadcode]

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Premiera: 13.10.2023

This is not a pressed vinyl! It's a lathe-cut, cut in the real time by Uncle Gusstaff in Studio im. Witolda Gombrowicza in Zielona Góra.
This clear version is limited to 66 numbered originals (in fact: no copies - each record is original)

Further explorations into the dark past by Tholos Gateway. After the their first Aegean trip documented in their debut album, the trio formed by Colin Marston, Àlex Reviriego and Vasco Trilla returns with the second volume of the Tholos Gateway saga. The dark and ominous atmosphere of the previous album is still here, soaking the ritualistic bells, savage bass drones and dreamy synths in a mysterious fog.
This time they count with the collaboration of Yoshiko Ohara (Bloody Panda) and Mick Barr (Krallice, Ocrilim) adding more nuance and character to an already fascinating voyage.


Colin Marston is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording engineer operating out of Queens, New York City.
He specializes in extreme, experimental, and immersive music production. he currently plays in roughly 25 bands and records, mixes and masters music for countless others throughout the world.

Àlex Reviriego plays double bass, organ and electronics. He is a member of the bands Phicus, Inhumankind, Ràdium and Möhit, among many others, and one of the most active and in-demand musicians of the experimental music scene in Spain, appearing in recordings and concerts of styles as diverse as contemporary composition, black metal, folk or harsh noise.

Vasco Trilla is one of the most active, versatile, and creative drummers of the Barcelona scene. He has recorded more than 70 albums ranging from free improvisation, jazz-rock to progressive rock metal and ambient music. He is a musician with wide experience – most of his career has been developed internationally, especially on the Polish, Dutch and Portuguese scene.