Steven Brown - El Hombre Invisible [vinyl]

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Premiera: 05.07.2022

For his first solo album since the early '90s, Tuxedomoon's co-front man delivers a hypnotic collection of songs, a song cycle of sorts, which draws from his life in Mexico, where he's been residing for many years now.
El Hombre Invisible is centered around Steven's emblematic vocals, melodies & lyrics, set in an intimate environment, with sparse elegant, arrangements for guitar, bass, occasional horns, and of course Mr Brown's trademark piano & saxophone playing.
The atmosphere and lyrics of the songs reflect some of the experiences & impressions gathered in the course of these latest 28 years, which have included earthquakes, a kidnapping, rubbing shoulders with the Zapatistas in Chiapas, being confronted with the still omnipresent traces of the Spanish conquest five centuries ago (and the effects of "The Most Dangerous Book In The World", which guided the conquistadores' steps), Steven's years of working as a cultural activist, and his enduring love for the general beauty of the nature and the people in his new hometown of Oaxaca.

1 Warning
2 El Hombre Invisible
3 The Book
4 Familias Ricas
5 Faces
6 Dutiful Beautiful
7 Fireworks
8 Resist
9 Kill
10 It Occurred to Me
11 Vice and Virtue