Ruts DC - Rhythm Collision Vol. 2 [vinyl]

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Wersja winylowa ponownie dostępna, w dobrej cenie!

Despite its nearly obscure status, the album has not done too bad over the years! It stayed underground but there it became massively viral, selling 100,000 copies of its various incarnations on the band's own label Bohemian, punky reggae US imprint ROIR, Danceteria, and - in the CD age - Echo Beach. The second generation went to work, when Zion Train first re-versioned "Babylon's Burning" and finally the whole set, which was also released on Echo Beach. So in it's third incarnation: deconstructed, reconstructed, tuned, pimped and dubbed out by today's disciples of bass. Even though the postmodern world offers zillions of ways to recontextualize archive material, they all left the sacred tracks relatively intact, ignoring the easy way but instead following: "Rhythm Collision Vol. 1 Reconstruced" came out with versions by Dreadzone, the dub-breaking project of Greg Dread (former member of Big Audio Dynamite and Screaming Target, along with punky Dread legend Don Letts), Bristol producer Rob Smith - famous for his work in Smith & Mighty and More Rockers, Steve Dub (Chemical Brother´s programmer) and Go Home Production aka Mark Viddler from London to name just a few.!

After 31 years the Ruts DC still very much alive and kicking, just like the major rocksteady and reggae riddims they extremely organicly developed with a lot of great artists and friends; [email protected]

Studios/London by Mad Professor - mixed by Prince Fatty@ Prince Fatty Studio..., - Vocals by Tenor Fly and Molara (Ex Zion Train), Rob Love (Alabama 3) and others.!

1. Mighty Soldier (ft. Tenor Fly)
2. Mix Up (ft. Molara)
3. One Step (ft. Segs)
4. Smiling Culture (ft. Aynzli Jones & Rob Love)

1. Technollogy (Prof Intro Mix) (ft. Aynzli Jones & Mad Professor)
2. Sun & Stars (ft. Segs)
3. London Dub (ft. Smokes)
4. More Bass
5. Heavyweight Style (ft. Seamus Beaghen)