Oracle - Tree [CD]

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The second release from the label was the first from Oracle. Oracle are SAMY BIRNBACH
(Minimal Compact, DJ Morpheus, SSR Records) MALKA SPIGEL (Minimal Compact, Immersion)
and COLIN NEWMAN (Wire, Immersion) and had been working towards this project's completion
since 1989. Like many Swim projects Oracle freely mix different often 'rival' approaches towards
music on their 'genre busting' debut. Some pieces might have found favour on the 'intellectual
dancefloor' others would alienate even the most hardened 'Ballericist'. Some pieces can charm
with their melodic wistfulness others are best appreciated with big boots on! Yet all in all the aim
is for a beauty beyond stereotypical forms, a multi-dimensional work which could make as much
sense at the time of it's release as it can now or in 5 or 10 years time.