NYZ- XNOTNL [MC/kaseta]

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Premiera: 23-02-2018

Written and produced by David Burraston. Recorded at Noyzelab, 2014-2017. Random artwork, generated using seed number 0xAF30F0843192FC4, by Matthew Petty.

After a happy chance meeting at an event in the National Portrait Gallery in London, NYZ was invited to make a tape for The Tapeworm. On returning to Australia he went into the studio, digging up some recent-ish pieces from the last few years, and also making a handful of new ones. The music on this tape is a mix of Cellular Automata sequencing hooked up to various synthesis/FX methodologies including: Frequency Modulation, Phase Modulation, Sampling, old school hardware DSP and ROMplers. Musically this tape covers a range of different tunings and intervals, designed to take you on journey through the obscurities of NYZ's approach to experimental sound and music making.


1 XNOTNL Side A [clip]
2 XNOTNL Side B [clip]