Mofaya! - Like One Long Dream [vinyl]

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Premiera: 15.10.2021

John Dikeman – saxophone
Jaimie Branch – trumpet
Luke Stewart – bass
Aleksandar Škoric – drums

A powerful collision of musical personalities - American saxophonist John Dikeman invited avantgarde trumpeter Jaimie Branch, bassist Luke Stewart (Irreversible Entanglements) and drummer Aleksandar Škoric to form a new band project! This quartet presents its own definition of contemporary improvised jazz with tight and supportive interplay, they demonstrate the independent musical voices of each own.

Recording: Recorded 11/17/19 at the Roze Tanker in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Hayden Michael Zappa Hook
Mastering: Martin Siewert
Artwork: Jaimie Branch

1 Your Country

2 The Tank
3 Wake Up!