Manu Katche - The Scope [vinyl]

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Nowa płyta (2019).

1 Keep Connexion 3:10
2 Glow 3:08
3 Vice 4:03
4 Overlooking 3:34
5 Please Do 3:58
6 Paris Me Mange 2:50
7 Let Love Rule 4:14
8 Don't U Worry 3:39
9 Goodbye For Now 4:12
10 Tricky 98' 3:16

With this new album, Manu Katché brings together the roots of groove and the modernity of machines. In this opus, Africa is subtly mentioned and although ’the scOpe’ bears a wide spectrum of electro colours, the drums remain at the core of the album. "I composed the songs around the drums. I wanted to see people moving on my compositions, dancing, and singing gimmicks."

Throughout The ScOpe, Manu Katché puts his emotions under the microscope, he analyses the alchemy of sounds in a meticulous way and probes deeply the beings, tending towards the same impulse of musical and spiritual harmony.