LIraz - Naz [CD]

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Pierwsza płyta Liraz (2018).

Sidestepping between Iran and Israel, singer and fim star Liraz drops her new album, playing with past and present, where the role of women in society takes centre stage.

Taking cues from Iran’s fiery and defiant female musical icons like Googoosh and Ramesh, Liraz's debut album 'Naz' reimagines their fighting spirit from the ‘70s. She sings in Farsi and the influences from those Persian forebears, where traditional Persian instruments were framed in a pop sensibility, are ever-present in an album dominated lyrically by the role of women in society and musically by the bounce of hip-hop and electronica with help from from Israeli producer Rejoicer.

released October 19, 2018

Uri Shefi - Violin & Lyra // Gershon Waiserfirer - Electric Oud & Trombone // Ariel Kasis - Kanoon // Amir Shasar - Ney // Yogev Glusman - Bass & Violin // Amir Sadot - Bass, Contrabass// Gilad Abro - Bass // Roy Chen - Drums // Aviva Aleav - Violin // Erez Mounk - Percussion // Noam Havkin - Keys // Roy Hermon - Keys // Ben Aylon - Percussion // Mark Eliyahu - Kamancheh // Rejoicer - Synths, Rhodes and Drum Programming