Kurws - Powięź / Fascia

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Premiera: 29.04.2022

In times when we are united by much, but still divided by more, music can get flayed for being reactionary, opportunistic or undeclared. Meanwhile, the Kurws, on their fourth album, put things clearly, namely head-on. "Fascia / Fascia" is an album founded as much by the culture of anxiety as by their personal dreads. The affirmation and the fear of ambiguity are two heads of the same desire – and two driving forces behind these collected exercises in not giving up.

Kurws formed in May 2008 as an unexpected result of a ping pong session. Since then they have pursued their own search, not so much in defined genres, but within the very foundations of rock, expression, and sound. It is a workshop where improvisation penetrates through composed material, a congealed form of the creation process. Armed with repetitions, recombinations, variations and contrasts, they frolic with memory and expectations. Post punk, krautrock, rock in opposition, funk, no wave - they present modes of playing, motives, and riffs we have heard time and time again in a totally different context, dissected from their original environment, placed side by side, used in a brand new manner, deconstructed and distilled.
„Powięź – Fascia“ is their 4th album (3rd at Gusstaff Records)

Dawid Bargenda - drums
Hubert Kostkiewicz - guitar, waterphone, bells
Jakub Majchrzak - bass
cover & layout by Marcin Siehankiewicz

1. Co nas łączy / What unites us (05:38)
2. Powięź / Fascia (15:04)
3. Lęk i olśnienie / Anxiety and Lucidity (01:06)
4. Podchody / Foot chase (09:32)
5. Twierdzenie o nieskończonej liczbie małp / Infinite monkey theorem (00:52)
6. Ruskie drogi / Russian roads (08:12)
7. To nas dzieli / It divides us (01:25)