Jimi Tenor - Vocalize My Luv [7" EP vinyl]

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Premiera: 10.05.2019

Jimi Tenor delivers another 7" on Philophon. This time he teamed up with the two glorious gospel queens Florence Adooni and Lizzy Amaliyenga from Bolgatanga/Northern Ghana. This release is a first insight into the next album by Jimi on Philophon, which will be released later the year.

Vocalize My Luv is a charmingly presented lure for love. The secret of the song is that drummer Ekow Alabi Savage's upfront high-life beat is triggering a Jimi-operated Korg MS-20 bass synth. Man and machine are melting down into a light and sportive groove, which irresistibly invites you to do some frisky aerobic moves on the 3am dancefloor. Ki'igba is a classic Frafra gospel song by Alogte Oho, completed with some jubilating flute by master Jimi.

  • "Sick! Both of them. Will def support on air and land :)" (MATHIEU SCHREYER, KCRW / USA)
  • "Another wicked release." (Tim Garcia, Jazz fm / UK)
  • "Another instant classic from Jimi & Philophon." (Derek Smith, KMHD Jazz Radio / USA)


1 Vocalize My Luv [clip]
2 Ki'igba [clip]