Jimi Tenor - Aulos [vinyl]

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"Aulos" is another landmark in Jimi's fruitful career, which started back in the 80's in the dark corners of Industrial Music and which evolved consistently into his very own kind of a bright and playful Nature Music.

"Aulos" is Jimi Tenor's second album on Philophon. Basically, the core crew is the same as on his Philophon debut "Order of Nothingness": beside our Finnish singer and multi-instrumentalist we have again the two drummers Ekow Alabi Savage from Ghana and Max Weissenfeldt from Germany, the latter of whom is as well the producer of "Aulos".

01: Sugar And Spice
02: Small Things
03: Aulos I
04: Ten Dimensions
05: Afroeuropean
06: Aulos II
07: Vocalize My Luv
08: Lover's Bridge
09: 128 Cosmic Rock
10: My Baby
11: Ki'igba
12: Aulos III