FRETT - World As a Hologram [vinyl black (un)limited + DL]

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Release date: 11.09.2020.
Released by: Gusstaff / Don't Sit On My Vinyl / Ant-Zen.

The (un)limited black vinyl, vinyl record, lathe cut, cut by Uncle Gusstaff on his magic machine. (Un)limited means: not numbered but still limited ;-)
Contains downloadcode.
The first, limited version is sold out in preorder, sorry.

FRETT is a new solo project by Maciej FRETT of Job Karma and 7JK, curator and director of Wrocław Industrial Festival, Wrocław Underwater, and Energy of the Sound, as well as organiser of concerts under the Industrial Art brand, active on the independent music scene in Wrocław, Poland since the mid-1990s.

On “The World as a Hologram” full-blooded old school industrial collides head-on with IDM/techno, creating a raw palette of analog sounds based on industrial and tribal dance rhythms, punctuated with soulless vocals with elements of noise and ambient.

DISCLAIMER: No animal was harmed in the recording of this material and no sound on the album was computer-generated.

1 Dreams

2 Two Cups

3 Trust

4 Flag

5 The Light

6 Isolation

7 Judge

8 Holy