Esplendor Geometrico - Fungus Cerebri [vinyl 2LP limited]

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Premiera: 23.12.2021

Fungus Cerebri (Selected Tracks from cassettes 1981-1989) is a double vinyl on gatefold sleeve including a selection of E.G. tracks recorded between 1981 and 1989 and originally published on cassette format. They have been remastered for this edition from the original tapes. 16 tracks extracted from:

“Sinn & Form” cassette compilation (Daterverarbeitung 1982), “En directo Madrid y Tolosa” (EGK 1987, cassette), “Esplendor Geométrico en Roma” (EGK 1986, cassette), “Madrid Mayo 89” (Línea Alternativa 1990, cassette), y “Diez Años de Esplendor” (Línea Alternativa 1991, Double cassette),

The eighties is a period especially appreciated by the followers of this international cult band and industrial music pioneers at its most rhythmic form. Minimalism, rough and raw analog electronics, distortion, arabic sounds, shortwave radio recordings... are characteristic of the style of this E.G. first epoch, producing a sound that was ahead of its time and now is widely imitated.

On the other hand, Esplendor Geométrico were always very present inside the international underground cassette movement on the eighties. This double vinyl is the first of a series devoted to this movement in Spain, still quite unknown despite its fervent activity, and which counted with dozens of labels from different cities.