Eraldo Bernocchi & Netherworld – Himuro [CD]

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An Iceberg is a large mass of ice detached from a glacier or from a floating platform of glaciers that drifst in the sea. It is in constant motion and most of its mass remains submerged under surface of the water. The goal of this new Iceberg series of releases on Glacial Movements is to describe through techno / dub music this huge mass of ice.

"Himuro" is the debut album of ambient duo Eraldo Bernocchi/Netherworld. Composed and produced in two years of exchanging material and sound inputs coming both from electronic treated guitars and organic sources. The album lies its foundation on ambient, dub, space and distance."Himuro" was an "ice cellar", a "'cold room" during the Edo period in Japan. The Kanazawa castle had one and after, during the Meiji period, these rooms were part of palaces. Often used for storing snow and keeping it during summer they had medical, food or ceremonial importance. During summer snow or ice kept in the himuro were sometimes sent from one castle to the other travelling as far as 500 km, relocating the "coldness".For months Netherworld supplied Bernocchi with a vast array of soundscapes and textures, an endless stream of feelings and emotions that the latter used to create the foundations of the album tracks on which constructed guitar scapes (often not recognisable), bass lines, harmonies and grooves. After month of collecting and creating sound inputs, Bernocchi started to carefully assemble what we now can listen on Himuro. A velvety sound creation constantly balancing between a rhythm approach and pure drifting scapes. Perhaps the best description of this works lays in the words of philosopher Emil Cioran from his 1936 The Book Of Delusions:

"To detach yourself elegantly from the world; to give contour and grace to sadness; a solitude in style; a walk that gives cadence to memories; stepping towards the intangible; with the breath in the trembling margins of things; the past reborn in the overflow of fragrances; the smell, through which we conquer time; the contour of the invisible things; the forms of the immaterial; to deepen yourself in the intangible; to touch the world airborne by smell; aerial dialogue and gliding dissolution; to bathe in your own reflecting fragmentation…"

Eraldo Bernocchi is an Italian composer, arranger, producer and guitarist with a solid reputation as an all round sonic sculptor. Starting his career in the late 70's as a guitarist in independent punk bands, in the mid'80's Eraldo co-founded the conceptual audio project Sigillum-S, which grew into a highly acclaimed international cult act.In the 90's, together with his wife Petulia Mattioli, Eraldo established Verba Corrige Productions, which became the base for a raft of notable audio visual projects and co-operations. A relentless sound explorer, Eraldo Bernocchi has collaborated with numerous artists including Mick Harris (SIMM, Black Engine), Bill Laswell (Somma, Charged, Ashes and numerous others), Nils Petter Molvaer, Harold Budd , Russell Mills, Toshinori Kondo (Charged), Raiz, Almamegretta, Spectre, Sensational, DJ Disk, Professor Shebab, Thomas Fehlmann, Zu (as Black Engine), DJ Olive, Markus Stockhausen, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti (as producer and author), Robin Guthrie, Colin Edwin and Balazs Pandi among many others. " Himuro " is Bernocchi's 100th album.In addition to regular work scoring music for adverts and other multimedia projects, Eraldo has composed film music for Academy Award winner Gabriele Salvatores and produced numerous art installations with Petulia Mattioli, as well as other artists including Russell Mills and Harold Budd.Uniquely, Eraldo is also known for being invited to play and organize several special events for H.H. The Dalai Lama in Italy and be the founder of the record labels RareNoise Records with music addict Giacomo Bruzzo and Transmutation Ltd, his new media company.

Netherworld is the moniker of Alessandro Tedeschi, the creator and owner of Glacial Movements Records in Italy. Over the last few years, the label has received much appreciation and critical acclaim from both the national and international music press. Coming originally from Rome, Netherworld published several works on various labels such as Fario, Angle Rec, Umbra, The Wire Tapper. He then decided to focus on his visions for his own record label - Glacial Movements with releases like "Morketid" (2007), "Over the Summit" (2011), " Alchemy of Ice" (2013), "Zastrugi" (2015). These were again critically acclaimed gems of ambient music. Netherworld performed at electronic music festivals such as Störung, Up to Date, Flussi and many more.

" It's a beautiful and hallowed sound that Tedeschi generates, shifting from the grim black of the Isolationist to a chroma of snowblind blues, pinks and whites" THE WIRE