Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra - Towards Other Worlds

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Ariya Astrobeat Arkestraare back with their second album 'Towards Other Worlds'. The UK- based 9 piece have built on the success of their debut album, described byBBC Radio 2's Jamie Cullumas one of his 'sounds and albums of 2010'.Afrobeat'sinimitable rhythm and languageis evident and the bandalso owes part of their sound to thespace jazzpioneers of the 70s and thefree jazztrailblazers of the 60s.

Towards Other Worlds explores this diverse blueprint, taking in drivingafro-funk, spiritual jazz,andMulatu-esque Ethio-jazz.Built around a quote of the Sun-Ra film 'Space Is The Place' the album is split into two halves – the first represents Earth and it's 'sounds of guns, anger, frustration' whilst the second is couched in the cosmos, where 'the vibrations are different', leading to a more progressive, peaceful sound.



1 Old Ground [clip]
2 Blood in the Water [clip]
3 March of the Idiots [clip]
4 Turncoat [clip]
5 Ministry of Aggression [clip]
6 Towards Other Worlds [clip]
7 Future Ancestors [clip]
8 New Frontiers [clip]