All diese Gewalt - Andere [vinyl limited red]

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"a very beautiful and melancholic ride”
- The Quietus

ANDERE (OTHERS) is the sophomore album from German singer and producer Max Rieger, released under his artist moniker all diese gewalt (all this violence). ANDERE is due for release on 6th November 2020 via legendary German label Glitterhouse. ANDERE follows the previous all diese gewalt record WELT IN KLAMMERN (WORLD IN BRACKETS), released by German label Staatsakt in 2016.

Famed as the singer of German post punk trio Die Nerven, Max has spent four years in gaps between touring crafting ANDERE in his studio in his native Berlin. Having steadily built his reputation as one of the premiere producers in Germany, with ANDERE Max continues to showcase his talent and originality that places him alongside some of the greats of German musical history such as Holger Czukay of Can, with ANDERE at times reminiscent of Holger’s classic 1981 album On The Way To The Peak Of Normal. In the dexterous and playful use of synths Brian Eno’s Here ComeThe Warm Jets also comes to mind. More contemporary touchstones include the dense soundscaping of Swans and the doomy post-pop anthems of The Horrors and Interpol.

The lyrics, all delivered in German, explore the dehumanising effect of isolation and detachment, both in terms of Max’s very personal experiences as well as the massive social and political upheavals of the last 4 years. The epic title track (ANDERE) which closes the album captures a sense of the euphoria that comes with overcoming disillusionment. Erfolgreiche Life (Successful Life) is about his struggle with ambition and how to balance it while maintaining an even mind, while the downbeat, reflective Echokammer (Echo Chamber) disects the social problem of echo chambers. The lyrics for Grenzen (Limits) explore the break down of taboos and thus social order and Gift (Poison) and Maske (Mask) range over topics of overcoming fear and paranoia and Max’s attempts to confront the core of his being. These arresting and challenging themes are presented in a suite of electronic arrangements, showcasing Max’s unparralelled skill as a producer and his masterful, commanding vocal style.

With Max’s previous all diese gewalt album having received glowing reviews including in the prestigious The Quietus zine in the UK and radio play and media coverage across Europe, and the music of his band Die Nerven pleasing the ears of luminaries such as Thurston Moore, it seems inevitable that with ANDERE Max will continue to cement his reputation as one of Europe’s premiere music makers.