7JK - Ride The Solar Tide

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Wspólna płyta Sieben i Job Karma, wydana w 2016 roku.

Ride The Solar Tide is 7JK’s second album. 7JK is Maciek Frett (Job Karma, PL) and Matt Howden (Sieben, UK). Enjoy the ride into space with this one - Its like Depeche Mode having a fight in the International Space Station with Cabaret Voltaire. 7JK are lifting off and leaving the Solar System, catch 'em if you can...

“Undergrowth has a dark hint of early Die Form and will create a strong magnetic pull towards the dance-floor. Love it! Starseed continues the gyration to the astral dance-floor. A couple of club-mixes of tracks would hook even a wider audience. A great follow up to their debut album”
DJ Death - http://djdeath.co.uk/7jk-ride-solar-tide/ - reviewed Oct 2016


1 Liftoff for 7JK
2 The Centre Of The Universe
3 Barry The Astonishing
4 Dark Energy
5 Guidance is Internal
6 Slow Flow Snowflake
7 Black Hole Entropy
8 The Next Great Page Turn
9 Undergrowth
10 Starseed


All tracks written, performed, and produced by Maciek Frett and Matt Howden. (Additional vocals on Starseed by Hanna Stubbs, recorded at Red Tape Central Studios, Sheffield). Mixed by Maciek Frett. Words by Matt Howden. Recorded at Redroom Studio, Sheffield, England and Sun Six Studio, Wroclaw, Poland, in 2016. Mastered by Dan Worrall. Artwork by Martin F. Bedford.