Trixsi - Frau Gott

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A pinch of dirt, punk, rock and pop“ that's how Hamburg based 5-piece Trixsi sounds if you ask the band. Their stunning debut album titled „Frau Gott“ will be released June 26 through Glitterhouse Records followed by extensive touring later in 2020.

If you listen closely you can hear the years of extensive touring. You can taste the dust collected from the road. These five guys are truly road dogs. Trixsi consists of Paul Konopacka on drums (Herrenmagazin), Klaus Hoffmann on bass (ex-Jupiter Jones, Barner 16), Kristian Kühl on guitar (ex Findus), König Wilhelmsburg on guitar (Herrenmagazin) and Jörkk Mechenbier on vocals (Love A, Schreng Schreng & La La).

Assigning their sound to a specific genre seems rather complex; however, Jörkk has stated that he is not afraid of being labeled as „Deutschrock“ (German Rock). While loyal Indie-/Alternative-/Punkartists might shy away from being branded as Deutschrock, Jörkk embraces the term. „Torben insists that we‘re a Rock band. And why not? „Deutschrock“ is better than its reputation leads you to believe. The only thing that it is lacking is a certain subculture und social criticism. But our ideologies and political stance were the driving factors that inspired us to create music in the first place.“

„Frau Gott“ consists of eleven chapters that are as versatile and complex as the five band members themselves. The songs entail relatable stories about the minor inconveniences and major problems we face in our daily lives. Moreoever, they tackle themes such as trying (and failing) to fit in, as well as tension between quarelling lovers and other relationship problems - all with a sense of humor and a dash of silliness. Musically and lyrically multi-facetted - from German-speaking Post-Punk to Indie-Rock and Pop. Influenced by bands such as Pavement, Arctic Monkeys, Maximo Park, Sebadoh and Built to Spill.<br />
Back in 2019 the 5-piece played their 1st show ever right in front of 3.500 (!) people at the annual Orange Blossom Special Festival. The audience instantly recognized that Trixsi is a captivating live band. Something special happens when these five gentlemen hit the stage. Only one year after their breathtaking first live performance, the band returns with their stunning debut album. It is an endorphines-inducing rush that reminds you that whatever struggles you may be facing, you are not alone. With their latest work, Trixsi has successfully captured what it means to be human – all absurdities, imperfections, and shortcomings included. Cheers to that and cheers to Trixsi! „Frau Gott“ is released June 26 via Glitterhouse Records.