Eläkeläiset - Humppa Of Finland

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Nowa, 17. płyta weteranów humppa z Finlandii, premiera 05.05.2017.

Humppa versions of rock classics and lyrics dealing with life of the elderly, heavy on the sarcasm.

Eläkeläiset was started as a joke in the spring 1993. The idea was to play rock classics in humppa style.

Over the years the joke has proved to be far reaching – Eläkeläiset has earned wide recognition with bold humppa style and released not less than eight albums as well as couple of live albums and compilations alongside nine EPs.

Eläkeläiset has becomea fixture…. an anarchistic and inebriated institution of sorts.

In addition to cover songs, it has dabbled in composing its own humppa classics. Over the last fifteen years, it has toured all over Europe and has recording contracts in Central Europe and Russia. It has generated a book, a DVD, a couple of live albums and a plethora of merchandise raging from towels to hip flasks.

Not bad for a disposable joke!

The strangest thing so far is to try and qualify as Finland’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest of 2010. The competing song, Hulluna humpasta, is included in the compilation Humppabingo and is also available as a 7” vinyl single.


1 Elanto 3:14
2 Humppamaa 2:29
3 Robotti Humppa 2:25
4 Humppaan Ilman Housuja 2:55
5 Humppaprinsessa 2:34
6 Humppakanavahumppa 2:35
7 Humppapaini 2:20
8 Humppateltta 1:49
9 Humppa Hallelujaa 2:25
10 Humppakeikka 2:32
11 Karannut Humppa 3:20
12 Humppapeto 2:29
13 Karjala 1:56
14 Humppavitsaus 2:30
15 Pilattu Humppa 2:30
16 Humpan Hinta 2:38
17 Humppasissi 2:22
18 Varakas Mummo 2:40
19 Onneksi Sentaeaen On Humppaa 1:48