DJ Spooky - Dubtometry

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Album nowojorskiego eksperymentatora z 2003 r., przepełniony dubowymi i jazzowymi brzmieniami, w bardzo dobrej cenie.

THE REMIXERS: DJ SPOOKY, MAD PROFESSOR. LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY. ALTER ECHO,DJ GOO, KARSH KALE, COLORFORM, TWILIGHT CIRCUS,J-LIVE, I-SOUND, BLEND,NEGATIVLAND YAB YUM, ANIMAL CRACKERS More than merely a remix album, "Dubtometry" sees DJ SPOOKY joining forces with dub legend Mad Professor to further the music and concepts introduced on "Optometry," bringing new twists to an already twisted sound. The sound of jazz is still alive here, as the quartet of MATTHEW SHIPP, WILLIAM PARKER, GUILLERMO E. BROWN, and JOE MCPHEE remains at the heart of each remix. But "Dubtometry" takes the spirit of "Optometry" even further, blending the original album"s jazz elements with hip-hop style,rasta flavor and dub techniques using the power of digital technology."as good a starting point for next-generation jazz fusion as anyone"s come up with." A-Entertainment Weekly FILE UNDER: ELECTRONIC/JAZZ


Alter Echo Dubtometry (optometry Remix)
Dj Goo - That Subliminal Kid Vs The Last Mohican
J-live - Optometrix
Lee Scratch Perry - Jungle Soldier
Karsh Kale (variation Cybermetique Rmix)
Parachutes (dub Version)
Sequentia Absentia - Lee Scratch Perry Into
Twilight Circus (variation Cybernetique Remix)
Mad Professor's Interlude
Colorform (sequentia Absentia Remix)
Rosemary Intro
Dj Goo - Bomb Massive (optometry Remix)
Alter Ego Interlude
Blend (dementia Absentia Remix)
Isound (kollage Remix)
Negativland (asphalt Remix)
Animal Crackers (optometry Remix)