Charlemagne Palestine - The God Bear Archives 2 [2CD]

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Premiera: 05.06.2024

During the year 2021, Charlemagne entrusted us with numerous archives recently found on audio cassettes dating from the 70s and 80s. After a long process of listening and selection, we are pleased to present the second volume of these archives to you.

All music, instruments & voices by Charlemagne Palestine. Except CD1 track7 by Simone Forti & Charlemagne Palestine.

Track selection by Karbé Dinel
Cassette digitization by Lionel Hubert. Mastering by Frederic Alstadt at Mont analogue Masters.
Graphic & layout by Cedric D'hondt.
Cover picture by Kevin Clarke, RAGA TODI, ca 1984. Inside picture by Kathy Agnoli, Toronto 1976. CD’s picture by Sylvain Hitau, NEWLOOK #86 PP 32-33, 1990.
Thanks to Charlemagne Palestine, Aude Stoclet, Kevin Clarke & Lionel Hubert.
The tracks coming from old audio cassettes, we have chosen to keep the defects of the tapes so as not to alter the work.

CD is limited to 300 copies.