Burning Spear - Live At Coconut Groove [vinyl 2LP]

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Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear, one of the greatest visionaries in Roots Reggae music, caught live in Santa Cruz, California in 1980, a fabulous year for Jamaican music. Backed by a solid seven piece band, Rodney delivers a highly dense, hypnotic array of songs including immortal Roots anthems such as "Slavery Days", "Columbus", "Old Marcus Garvey" and "African Postman".
Format & package: double LP
Record Label: WHP
Year of release: 2023
A1 Spear Burning Dub
A2 Nyah Keith
A3 Columbus
A4 Slavery Days
B1 Old Marcus Garvey
B2 Foggy Road
B3 African Postman
B4 Institution
C1 Travelling
C2 The Sun
C3 Bad To Worst
D1 Door Peep
D2 Follow Marcus Garvey