Beings - There Is A Garden [CD]

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Premiera: 14.06.2024

Beings are... Zoh Amba, Steve Gunn, Shazad Ismaily and Jim White.

On Beings’ There Is A Garden, shapeshifting melodies highlight each players’ voice. In one second, the album may sound hectic, teeming with craggy, unpredictable melodies, but by the time the next track rolls around, it’ll transform into a psychedelic reverie or blossom into a sprawling drone. For Beings, the NYC-based supergroup quartet of Zoh Amba, Steve Gunn, Shahzad Ismaily, and Jim White, the music fl­ows naturally: It’s an ever-transforming organism built on the quartet’s openness and willingness to explore, together.

Zoh Amba - saxophone, vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonium, piano
Steve Gunn - electric guitar
Shahzad Ismaily - bass, synth
Jim White - drums