Beat Happening - We Are Beat Happening [vinyl-box 7 LP]

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Limitowany Box, premiera 06.12.2019, już dostępny!

Deluxe 7 x LP vinyl box set in a hard slipcase
Heavyweight vinyl
Remastered at Abbey Road
Brand new 36 page book with rare images and liner notes from Lois Maffeo

This box set is the definitive document of the legendary Beat Happening: the entire recorded output of the band that helped create an international network of underground pop entirely on their own terms.


REWIGLP114 - Beat Happening S/T - Side A
1Foggy Eyes
2Bad Seeds
3I Let Him Get to Me
4I Spy
5Run Down the Stairs

REWIGLP114 - Beat Happening S/T - Side B
1In Love with You Thing
2I Love You
3Down at the Sea
4Our Secret
5What's Important
7Bad Seeds (live)

REWIGLP114 - Beat Happening S/T - Side C
1Run Down the Stairs
2In My Memory
3Honey Pot
4The Fall
6Don't Mix the Colors

REWIGLP114 - Beat Happening S/T - Side D
3Let's Kiss
41, 2, 3
5Look Around
6I Love You (demo)

REWIGLP115 - Jamboree - Side A
2In Between
3Indian Summer

REWIGLP115 - Jamboree - Side B
1Ask Me
2Crashing Through
3Cat Walk
4Drive Car Girl
5Midnight A Go-Go
6The This Many Boyfriends Club

REWIGLP116 - Black Candy - Side A
1Other Side
2Black Candy
3Knick Knack
4Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive
5Grave Digger Blues

REWIGLP116 - Black Candy - Side B
1Cast A Shadow
3T.V. Girl

REWIGLP117 - Dreamy - Side A
1Me Untamed
2Left Behind
3Hot Chocolate Boy
4I've Lost You
5Cry For A Shadow

REWIGLP117 - Dreamy - Side B
2Nancy Sin
3Fortune Cookie Prize
4Revolution Come And Gone
5Red Head Walking

REWIGLP118 - You Turn Me On - Side A
1Tiger Trap
3Pinebox Derby
4Teenage Caveman
5Sleepy Head

REWIGLP118 - You Turn Me On - Side B
1You Turn Me On
3Hey Day
4Bury The Hammer

REWIGLP119 - Music To Climb The Apple Tree By - Side A
1Angel Gone
2Nancy Sin
3Sea Hunt
4Look Around
5Not a Care in the World
7That Girl

REWIGLP119 - Music To Climb The Apple Tree By - Side B
1Secret Picnic Spot
2Zombie Limbo Time
3Foggy Eyes
4Knock on Any Door
5Sea Babies
6Tales of Brave Aphrodite
7Polly Pereguinn
8I Dig You