Asian Dub Foundation - Enemy Of The Enemy [CD]

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Premiera: 18.03.2022

Reedycja czwartego albumu (z 2003 roku) z 3 dodatkowymi utworami.

Asian Dub Foundation are a genre unto themselves. Their unique combination of tough jungle rhythms, dub bass lines and wild guitar overlaid by references to their South Asian roots and militant high-speed rap has established them as one of the best live bands in the world.

1. Fortress Europe
2. Rise to the Challenge
3. La Haine
4. 1000 Mirrors (ft Sinéad O'Connor & EOB)
5. 19 Rebellions
6. Blowback
7. 2 Face
8. Power to the Small Massive
9.. Dhol Rinse
10. Basta
11. Cyberabad
12. Enemy of the Enemy
13. Illegal Minds (ft Mark Stewart) [Bonus]
14. Fortress Europe (Adrian Sherwood Dub) [Bonus]
15. La Haine (The Bug Remix) [Bonus]