Brass Against - Brass Against [vinyl]

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Premiera: 01.04.2019

 2019 - it's the time for a revolution! The Brooklyn-based Brass-collective Brass Against releases its debut album and supports this release with a headlining tour through europe.

BRASS AGAINST covers classic protest songs from the whole musical spectre.  There are songs from artists such as Rage against the Machine, Living Colour, Public Enemy, A Tribe called Quest, Tool, Kendrick Lamar or the Fugees.

Their videos are guaranteed viral Hits. On the microphone you will find singer extraordinary Sophia Usta.

The band says: "in this political challenging era, it's time to stand up against the machine. We want the music we perform to sound inspiring and resonate with people's emotions, encouraging them to act. We combine rock and edgy hip-hop to play music that's powerful and empowering. Brass Against is exceptional music with a political edge. We are angry, we are inspired, we are ready for a change - and we hope our music amplifies this energy in everyone who listens."

A1 Wake Up
A2 Killing In The Name Of
A3 Guerilla Radio
A4 Cult Of Personality
A5 Sleep Now In The Fire
B1 Cochise
B2 Freedom
B3 Bulls On Parade
B4 Nobody Speek/Bullet In The Head
B5 Know Your Enemy (Live)